The Groom’s Suit: Renting vs. Buying vs. Tailor-Made


Photography by Kevin LeVu Photography.

When it comes to the groom’s wedding suit or tuxedo, there are three shopping options in Los Angeles:

  1. Rent.
  2. Purchase.
  3. Have it tailor-made.

How do you know which one is the best option for you? Below, we explain each option in detail so you can decide what “fits” you best.


Cost: $170-250/rental


One of the easiest and most affordable option for grooms is to rent your suit from a tuxedo shop. Over the years, the rental options for wedding suits have increased dramatically. Rental stores like Friar’s Tux carry a variety of colors (black, charcoal grey, red, white, navy, light grey, tan) and styles (peak, notch, and shawl lapels). Typically, a rental package will include a jacket, pant, shirt, shoes, shirt studs, cufflinks, and a tie.


In addition to Friar’s, one of our favorite suit rental stores in Los Angeles is Mister Tuxedo in Brentwood. They have wonderful styles that feature crisp, modern European fits, including the very popular “James Bond midnight blue” color.


If your groomsmen will be renting their tuxedos as well, you want to keep their geographic location in mind. Nationwide chain stores like Friar’s or online stores like The Black Tux are accessible to all your groomsmen if they live in different parts of the country.



Cost: $600 – $7,000+/suit


While renting is great, some grooms may find rental options limiting in patterns, fabrics, and cuts. If you’re not able to find something you’d love to rent, visit your favorite clothing store’s men’s department to purchase a suit. Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Barney’s New York carry many selections. If there’s a particular designer you like, say Tom Ford, you can visit their flagship boutique for fittings and orders. Designer suits will be the most premium price point.



Cost: $750 – $3,000+/ suit


Photography by Lin & Jirsa.


If you still can’t find anything you like in a department store’s ready-to-wear collection, your third option for a wedding suit is to get one tailor-made. Tailor-made suits are made to your body’s measurements. You work one-on-one with the tailor to hand-pick the fabric, color, pattern, stitching, and buttons for the suit. Tailor-made shirts are also available. Ultimately, the price of the suit will be determined by the fabric you select.


Indochino in Beverly Hills is a wonderful spot to not only purchase ready-to-wear but also order tailor-made suits. B. Spoke Style is another one of our favorite go-to tailors for our grooms in Los Angeles. They will meet with and measure you at your home or office, which makes it personalized and convenient.


While both tailor-made and ready-to-wear will be high quality suits, the tailor-made is going to yield the highest quality, most unique, and best-fitted result.


Between renting and buying, buying your suit is especially worth your money if you know you will reuse it again for work or future social functions. Every professional gentleman will need a nice suit in his wardrobe sooner or later. That’s why the wedding might be the perfect time to make the “investment” – a great looking suit will go a long way.

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